Andrés Padrón Acosta
Camino La Placeta nº 8
Los Llanillos, Frontera
El Hierro, Islas Canarias
España (Spain)
Phone: +34-616-066-879

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Welcome to "Casa de mi Abuela María"

The "Casa de mi Abuela Maria " is a prime example for the design and construction of the El Hierro houses in the 20th century . Stonewalls , 2 floors, Tea * teak beams and a flat roof. The roof consists of Sabina * ( juniper ) , the door and window frames are from the original also from this wood.. The floor is made of pine wood.

Lime was used material for coating theceiling and the roof , which came at that time from to the island of Fuerteventura. This material changed the construction to the effect, that from this moment the roof of colmo * (straw) or French bricks in gable roof where used less and less . The ground floor was used as a wine cellar and the upper floor as a bedroom. Both levels were connected by a trap-door . Outside the house there was in a separate annex the kitchen with wood stove.

It was built by Don Cayetano and Juana Morales Padrón , the great-grandparents of the current owners . They have restored the house in 2000 respecting the original design in conjunction with the modern day comforts. This style can also be found in the outdoor such as orchards , gardens , terraces and barbecue, solarium and relaxation area with sauna and Jacuzzi as well as the pergola. The house is situated on a 1000 m2 property in Los Llanillos in the community district of La Frontera , El Golfo valley and offers stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean.

* (1) Tea: wood from the heart of Canary Island pine. Dark reds , aromatic resins , compact and hard. Used for floors, doors , balconies and others.
* ( 2) Colmo : straw , usually made of rye, used to cover the roofs.
* ( 3) Sabina : is used according to the island's government as a symbol of El Hierro island.